About HotDealFinder.com

"But these and other major Web stores still dole out virtual coupons that let you shave at least a few additional bucks off your purchase price (one typical offer touts $10 off an order of $40 or more). A whole genre of sites has sprung up to track these promotions: DealCatcher.com and HotDealFinder.com are the ones I habituate." - PC World Magazine, March 2001.

"HotDealFinder.com is getting bigger and is here to stay." - The Miami Hurricane, October 6, 2000.

"HotDealFinder.com offers many fresh online deals and they allow you to browse for deals by shopping category -- a very nice touch." - About.com, September 2000.

"HotDealFinder.com: Plentiful links to big-discount online coupons reward visitors" - PC World Magazine, July 2000 Edition, Best of 2000, pg 43.

"HotDealFinder - The name implies their goal and it seems to do just that. Three stars." - DealzConnection.com, March 2000.

HotDealFinder.com was created in January 2000 upon the realization of how much money could be saved by thousands of Internet users simply by shopping strategically online. Since then, HotDealFinder.com has provided its visitors with unbelievable discounts and savings at the largest and most reputable online merchants.

Our Philosophy and Goal:
HotDealFinder.com believes in creating a friendly means of bringing together customers and merchants. By making online merchant discounts readily available to its visitors, HotDealFinder.com successfully creates an environment in which customers can be introduced to new companies and reacquainted with old ones simply by taking advantage of promotional offers. This solution saves HotDealFinder.com visitors vast amounts of money, and generates more sales and awareness for online merchants. Thus, it is ultimately beneficial for both the customer and merchant.

Our Accomplishments:
In March 2000, HotDealFinder.com is deemed a 3-Star Site, the highest ranking available at DealzConnection.com. In July 2000, HotDealFinder.com is praised in the Best of 2000 Issue of PC World Magazine, along with only four other deal sites, including About.com and FreeShop.com. In September 2000, HotDealFinder.com is commended on About.com for its fresh online deals. In October 2000, HotDealFinder.com is admired by The Miami Hurricane newspaper.

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